MIIA KALLIO ceramic artist
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Gobis/Outdoor Expo, Vilnius 5.5.–2.6.2015

I took part as an invited artist in the Baltic´s - Scandinavia Benchmarks of Arts 2015 project. In 2014 I had an exhibition named All the seeds don´t germinate – lessons in infertility in Gallery Laterna Magica in Helsinki, Finland. This exhibition dealt with infertility, its treatment and the process of accepting childlessness. My exhibition Detachment in Vilnius continues the theme of the infertility. The exhibition is based on the idea of mental liberation process.

Gobis/Outdoors Expo -street gallery is a lighted glass space in the middle of the city, size approx 16 m². The idea of street gallery is easy access and it gives opportunity to experience art at all times of day.