MIIA KALLIO ceramic artist
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All the seeds don´t germinate – lessons in infertility

Laterna Magica, Helsinki 5.3.–22.3.2014

The city Theatre of Seinäjoki 11.12.–13.12.2014


Every fifth Finnish couple is suffering from unintentional childlessness at some point of their life. Over 3000 new couples start treatment for childlessness, every year. Most couples can be helped with infertility treatment. The cure is often physically and mentally heavy. The cure doesn´t always help, and ultimately, the couple has to decide to make an end of futile treatment. I and my husband decided to finish infertility treatment in August, 2012. At that time we had gone through four and a half years of efforts, research and infertility treatment. Any actual cause of our childlessness was never found.

My exhibition deals with infertility, its treatment and the process of accepting childlessness. The sorrow for childlessness is often hidden and silent. On the other hand the exhibition aims at making us unintentionally childless and our experience visible, and on the other to give hope to other childless people. Ultimately, it is possible to accept the sorrow and to build yourself a happy life.