I have been working as a ceramist since the year 1998. My art is material-based, and its starting-point is clay. I often unite ceramics with other materials, mostly natural or re-cycled, in my works of art.  My approach is based on the traditional shaping methods of ceramics. I appreciate the traditional craftsmanship, and I want my own work to have a share in the ancient craft of ceramists.

My favorite materials are either stoneware or Finnish red clay. I often smoke the surface of my red clay work. It is very important to me to deal most extensively with my material, as the possibilities of ceramics are limitless. There are always new lessons to be learnt, and at the same time my own artistic expression improves. I find ideas for my work in my surroundings and in the society where I live. But the technical realization of the work dates back to thousands of years. This very contradiction creates suspense into my work.

The substance of my work is of today. My themes are how a human being is able to analyze the world and how necessary it is to communicate for being a human.  In my opinion, art always depicts its own era. I am doing modern ceramic art, and for my part my art gives expression to the world I live in.

Already for a long time, I have been dealing in my work with the relation between a spectator and  a work , and how an artistic experience is concretized in the action of a spectator and a user. Being a handiwork artist myself I feel very close to the idea that understanding evolves through action. I want a spectator to have a possibility to approach my own work through action, as well. Among such work is, for instance, the entity of “ Emotional Plays”   ( 9 plays consisting of ceramic parts and re-cycled material)  that was displayed at Vantaa Art Museum´s  OTTO exhibition , 2008. My sculpture “Play with me” that I carried out while being an invited guest artist of the FuLe –residence project at Fuping, China,2008,  is based on a spectator´s possibility to play with the work by moving  “seeds” from place to place.  My solo exhibition “On the Road” at Gallery Pirkko-Liisa Topelius, 2011, was also focused on the mutual relation between an exhibition guest and the work.